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The same current activates all. To realise this and to merge in that Unity is the purpose of this life in the human body. For this consummation, the seeds of attachment to sense objects has to be scrupulously got rid … Continue reading

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Eradication of Desire

A daily chapter from South Indian saint Tiruvalluvar’s Tirukural, “Holy Couplets.” Chapter 37: Eradication of Desire  Kural 361 At all times and to all creatures, the seed of ceaseless births is desire. Kural 362 If you must desire, desire freedom from birth. … Continue reading

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The Source of Joy – subject or object?

Is joy in the subject or the object? Where does joy lie? Do we get joy if we pursue something we like? One must examine the root of the issue. True joy springs from within. An evergreen current of bliss … Continue reading

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