Inspiring Story – The Coronation of Sita Rama


One evening, many years back…

A big crowd had assembled for the Darshan of Mahaswamigal at the Kanchi Sri Matam. Swamigal came out of his room, stopped for a bit and looked closely at the crowd of devotees and sat leaning on the wall. One by one devotees filed past the Maha Swamigal, saluted him, expressed their problems, got remedies and moved on. In the line of devotees, holding a small boy’s hand tightly was standing a middle-aged person. Streams of tears rolled from his eyes. The small boy was blinking and standing without any motion.

The man came and stood in front of Periyava, worshipped by prostrating, and got up. The small boy also worshipped. The Mahaswamigal, who tightened his eyes and looked at him closely, inquired supportingly, “You are Mylapore Auditor Shankar Narayanan right? Why are you standing like this with eyes smudged with tears? What is the difficulty for you? ”

When Periyava asked, sadness increased further for him. Crying uncontrollably, ” Yes Periyava. Now, I have an unbearable difficulty. Don’t know what to do at all…You are only my God. Somehow have to solve and give me. No other go!”, he again prostrated on Periyava’s feet and worshipped.

Periyava who understood the situation, said with affection, ” Shankara…Don’t worry for anything! You sit over there for sometime…. After they all speak and leave I will call you!”, and showed his hands on the opposite side.

” Your Order Periyava… I will do exactly so!”, said the auditor and moved a little aside and sat opposite. About half an hour later, the devotees had the darshan of the Archaryal and left. Except the two young men who serve the Swamigal, nobody was there. Swamigal signaled and called Auditor Shankara Narayanan. Auditor Shankar Narayanan came and worshipped. Acharyal eagerly saw the auditor and asked, “Shankara…. Practice and all are going good right? You are only the ‘leading’ Auditor right … why ask about practice?

That’s Ok. Your father Panchabakesha Iyer is in Tanjore only right? He is doing fine right?”

Immediately auditor wiping his tears and hugged the young boy near him started wailing, as he said, ” Practice and all is going very good Periyava. Dad and mom have gone to my younger brother who is in Bombay. It’s been two months. For me only sadness has incurred Periyava. Not able to bear it…You only have to remediate it. ”

That walking God understood in seconds that some sadness related to the young boy has very much affected auditor Shankara Narayanan’s heart.

” Should not cry Shankara.. Whatever it may be men should not cry! That’s Ok…Who is this child? Your son?” , asked Swamigal.

“Yes Periyava. He is my son only. ” Name Chandramouli. For him only Periyava suddenly..” , so said Auditor Shankara Narayanan and stood without being able to talk further as the sadness caused a lump in the throat.

Immediately Acharyal with a face filled with worry said consolingly, ” Shankara! What happened to him suddenly? Chandramouli is studying in school right … Tell in detail without panicking!”

Shankara Narayanan wiping his tears, ” Periyava… Son Chandramouli Mylapore is studying in 7th Std at P.S. High School. 12 years Old. Talented in studies. He is the first in class. Twenty days before, speech stopped from the morning. When asked, he shows in action, ‘Can’t talk’. Since then not going to school. He is having food, tiffin and all well…. He sleeps well. All that is fine Periyava. But, speech alone is not coming…What will I do..You only should do mercy and make him speak!” prayed so with tears flowing out of his eyes.

Swamigal observed silence for sometime. Then asked to auditor, “Do you take son to temples, tanks and all? Chandramouli have Bhakti towards God right?”

“Has a lot Periyava. After saying Kanda Sashti Kavacham, Anjayaneyar and Ramar Slokas and all every morning after taking bath by standing in front of the God pictures only he will leave to school. At home there is a big Kodhanda Ramar picture Periyava. Tanjore Picture from my Grandfather’s period that is. Every morning – evening worshipping it, he keeps worshipping Sita Raman’s holy feet multiple times. “I like Sita and Raman very much”, he keeps saying frequently. Weekly twice or thrice he goes to Kapaleeshwarar, Mundaka Kanni Amman, Luz Anjaneyar temples and all and does Darshan. To such a good child it had happened like this Periyava ”, Shankara Narayanan could not control his sadness. He started crying hard again.

Acharyal who consoled him, asked after thinking deeply for sometime, “Have the habit of taking him to the Upanyasams that are held in Mylapore ?”

“Have the habit Periyava! Sometimes I take him. Even on the evening of the day before he lost his speech, I only took him to the Ramayana Upananyasam held at the Rasika Ranjani Sabha. He listened reverently. Next day it happened like this!”

Acharyal asked laughing, “Are you coming to say, it happened like this because of listening to Ramayanam ?”

“Rama Rama! Not like that Periyava! I was coming to say that it was from the day next to that!”, said Auditor, slapping his own cheeks.

“That’s Ok. Who did the Upanyasam?”, asked Periyava.

“Shri Vathsa Jayarama Sharma, Periyava!”

“Wonderful…Wonderful…Son of Somadheva Sharma. Good Lineage. Ones who have learned a lot…Letting that aside Shankara. Did you show your son to any Doctor?”

“I showed Periyava!”

“Which Doctor?”

“Doctor Sanjeevi!”

“What is he telling?” – Periyava.

“After doing all the tests, ‘Two nerves have been affected in the Larynx. It may become alright after an operation’, he said Periyava.”

“Didn’t say it will definitely be alright?”

“Didn’t say confidently like that Periyava..Somehow you only should make the speech come back for him Periyava. You only should save! “

Acharyal spoke after a small silence. “You do one thing Shankara. Taking son Chandramouli, go to the temples in this town, do darshan, pray and come. In the night have food at the mutt itself and stay. Morning take bath, if you have rituals, after completing that and all, come and see me at 10’O Clock!”

Words said by the Acharyal were very consoling for Shankara Narayanan! The two of them went for Temple Darshan after worshipping Periyava.

Next day morning 10’O Clock. That walking God had already come and sat. Not much crowd. Five to Six people were waiting. Everyone had darshan and left.

Shankara Narayanan stood tying his hands after worshipping Acharyal. Chandramouli also worshipped and got up. Swamigal looked keenly at him and spoke: “Shankara…Do one thing. Take Chandramouli also along, do Complete Abhishekham ( Purnabhishekam ) to Ambal at Mylapore Shri Kapaleeshwarar temple and make him do that darshan. Aftewards, what you do…See if the same Shri Vathsa Jayarama Sharma tells Shreemath Ramayanam somewhere else…If he says so like that in any Temple or Sabha…You do one thing. From Sundara Kaandam to Shree Sitarama Pattabhishekam, take Chandramouli along with you and make him listen! The day when Shree Sitarama Pattabhishekam completes, what you do…buy nice Mountain Banana (a type of Banana) and give it to the hands of ‘Pouraanikkar’ (the person doing the Upanyasam,) and both of you prostrate and worship him.

Pray to that Pattabhisheka Shree Sitaraman and Pouranikkar in your hearts…That Pattabhiraman will save. Don’t worry at all… Go and come”, and told to give Prasadham to both of them and sent them that absolute reality.

Auditor looked everyday in the Daily newspapers whether Shri Vathsa Jayarama Sharma’s Shreemath Ramayanam narration happen anywhere in Chennai.

On that day’s newspaper the happy news that, ‘On Mylai’s Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Shrivathsa Jayarama Sharma’s Ramayana Upanyasam will be held in 9 days’, had come out.

That day was the starting of the Sundara Kandam part. Shankaranarayanan went with Chandramouli to Shirdi Saibaba Temple. Heart-rending narration. Chandramouli lost himself into it and listened. Sometimes tears flooded his eyes. During those moments, Shankara Narayanan caressed his back and comforted him.

That day was Shreemath Ramayanam completion day. Good crowd at Mylai Shirdi Sai Baba Temple. At night 10.30, Shri Vathsa Jayarama Sharma completed saying the benefits of listening to Shri Sitarama Pattabhishekam. One by one they worshipped him and got up. Also Shankara Narayanan. Chandramouli also worshipped him and got up. He gave a dozen of Bananas to Chandramouli and asked him to offer it to Shri Vathsa Jayarama Sharma and worship him. He did so.

He, who took the banana bunch with happiness, showed it and offered it to the holy image of the Shri Rama Pattabhishekha and Shridi Shri Sai Baba image. Afterwards, he tore two fruits from it, gave it to Chandramouli, and blessed him by saying, “Child…You will be fine. You itself eat both the fruits!” After coming out of the temple, Chandramouli ate both the fruits.

Next day morning one miracle happened. Chandramouli who brushed his teeth in the bathroom and came out, called out loudly, “Amma, Coffee ready? ” His father who was reading the newspaper and mother who was in the kitchen came running to the hall with a shudder. Chandramouli was standing there smiling.

“Was that you who shouted is the coffee ready, Chandramouli!” the mother hugged him with overflowing happiness and kissed him. Shankara Narayanan kept him on his shoulders and danced happily. Chandramouli started talking fluently like before. All the people who knew came, saw and felt happy.

That evening 5.30 PM. Swamigal was seated alone at Kanchi Shri Shankara Mutt. Not much crowd. Shankara Narayanan arrived in a van with ten or fifteen people.

Auditor worshipped Swamigal along with Chandramouli and got up. The first question that Acharyal asked laughing: ” Chandramouli….Now, you are able to speak well right ? Wonderful…Wonderful! Everything is due to the mercy of that Sitaraman!”

Immediately that Chandramouli shouted aloud, ” Hara Hara Shankara…Jaya Jaya Shankara…Kamakoti Shankara…” Everyone stood astonished.

That absolute reality spoke after sometime: “Shankara…Now I am telling, listen. The reason it happened like this for Chandramouli is nothing else. By his nature itself he has had love and devotion beyond limits towards Sitadevi and Shri Rama. If there is a hardship for them, he cannot bear that! At first, on the day when he was listening to the Upanyasam, Shri Jayarama Sharma must have told the part where Ravana was kidnapping Sita and going. What I am saying is correct right, Shankara…?”

Auditor who stood astonished opened his mouth and agreed, ” Exactly Periyava..Exacty! That day he narrated that part only in a heart rending manner!”

Swamigal continued: “The moment he heard that a demon was carrying away the Sita Devi towards whom he has unlimited devotion and love, internally he got the situation of being stunned. Speech also got stunned. Nothing else. What’s the only remedy for this? I felt that if he hears with his ears from the mouth of the same narrator that ‘Mother Sita has been retrieved back without any difficulty for her’, the whim that is occupying his mind and speech will go away. That’s why I told to do so. With Sitaraman’s mercy everything went well. Chandramouli… You will be very fine!”

Everyone who heard the speech of that walking God stood astonished.

Source: Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara! Maha Periyavar – S. Ramani Anna

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