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God’s Train Ride 

The Train Ride Experience I am very, very happy if I be allowed to share with you just a small fragment of the almighty Grace and Blessing’s of my dear Father, Yogi Ram Surat Kumar. Surely, it is true that … Continue reading

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Remember your humanity

This would be my teaching now. Human, remember your humanity, remember your mortality, remember that you will die, and live your life accordingly in a middle way, with passion but also with compassion, with humility and not arrogance, with love … Continue reading

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Intelligence Beyond Thought

So, naturally, the focus of day-to-day living was to be aware and conscious of all the constant mind activity, the whole internal psychological structure and its operation. This ongoing challenge required that I maintain total awareness, to be open and … Continue reading

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The Greatness Of America

Question: Can you tell us something about the predominant qualities of America? Sri Chinmoy: In America, the dynamic vital, but not the aggressive vital, is of paramount importance. There are various places in the world where the aggressive vital is … Continue reading

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The Maha Swami and The Maharishi

The Maha Swami and The Maharishi Ra. Ganapati Two reports I heard from the servitors of the Maha-Svami relating him to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharishi I could myself easily attribute to their creative artistry in elevating their own Master over … Continue reading

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The Gift of Presence, The Perils of Advice

The Gift of Presence, The Perils of Advice by Parker Palmer When my mother went into a nursing home not long before she died, my wife and I were told that, for a modest increase in the monthly fee, the … Continue reading

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Institutional Work Culture

ABOUT WORK IN AN INSTITUTION I visit some of my friends at the Institutes they work in – Hospitals, Schools, Ashrams. Some complain – ‘This institute is going to dogs. Nobody cooperates. The director is a so and so, no … Continue reading

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