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The Greatness Of America

Question: Can you tell us something about the predominant qualities of America? Sri Chinmoy: In America, the dynamic vital, but not the aggressive vital, is of paramount importance. There are various places in the world where the aggressive vital is … Continue reading

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The Maha Swami and The Maharishi

The Maha Swami and The Maharishi Ra. Ganapati Two reports I heard from the servitors of the Maha-Svami relating him to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharishi I could myself easily attribute to their creative artistry in elevating their own Master over … Continue reading

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Institutional Work Culture

ABOUT WORK IN AN INSTITUTION I visit some of my friends at the Institutes they work in – Hospitals, Schools, Ashrams. Some complain – ‘This institute is going to dogs. Nobody cooperates. The director is a so and so, no … Continue reading

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Major karmas are created through emotions

How is Karma created? The thoughts are first level of creation and energy is required for that. Words are second level of creation. Energy is required for each word uttered. Last level is action. Major karmas are created through emotions … Continue reading

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Reflection, Reaction, and Resound

“Once there was a cowherd who used to take the cows for grazing to a place surrounded by three mountains. One day when the cows were grazing, he sat down under a tree and started singing a song in praise … Continue reading

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Changing our circumstances

Before we try to explain anything it should be borne in mind that in meta-physics a given thing can be explained at different levels depending on the understanding of the reader. To begin expounding on the topic of this post, … Continue reading

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